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Our stylish palm leaf products are edible, durable and suitable for serving cold and hot foods. They are extruded from whole palm leaves and do not contain any coatings. Tested for safe and food safe (EC 1935/2004) and certified for composting by EN 13432 (suitable for industrial composting plant). Palm leaf is a strong, durable and moisture-resistant natural material, so it is also compatible with sauces.

The palm leaf containers are squeezed from the fallen leaves of the areca palm tree from Indian forests. The production of palm leaf containers requires very little energy and does not consume nature. Because areca palms are grown primarily for its betel nut and there is no great demand for this fruit, the rainforest has not been felled for areca palm cultivation. No pesticides or other chemicals are used to grow palm trees, and water used for leaf cleaning is collected and later used for watering plants. The production of the dishes follows the BSCI liability system, which guarantees fair wages and safe working conditions for the employees. Our supplier visits the palm leaf partner production facilities in India on a regular basis.


Natural sugar cane containers are made from surplus sugar production. Sugar cane is a naturally stable and moisture-repellent natural material, so no plastic coatings have been added to the containers, as is the case with paper / cardboard packaging / containers. Thus, in addition to cold foods, sugar cane is suitable for serving and transporting extremely hot, greasy and liquid foods. Tested for safe and food safe (EC 1935/2004) and certified for composting by EN 13432 (suitable for industrial composting plant).

The benefits of using sugar cane instead of traditional plastic or paper disposables are thus obvious; you reduce the amount of plastic waste and save resources by choosing a by-product.


Wooden boats are made of pine and do not use any additional chemicals or coatings. Wooden cutlery has been covered with a bioplastic PLA coating to provide a comfortable mouth feel. All wooden products are fully biodegradable and tested for safe and food-safe use (EC 1935/2004).


    Our bioplastics products are made of PLA (polyactide) bioplastics, which are both biodegradable and bio-based. The production of PLA is based on corn starch; corn starch is fermented to lactic acid which is polymerized to form long chain carbon polymer poly (PLA). The PLA is then formed into small balls which are made into products. In the case of our products, PLA balls are made of biofilm foil to be made into PLA mugs and cups.

    Since PLA is not a plastic made from fossil raw materials such as PP (polypropylene) and PS (polystyrene), its production is significantly more environmentally friendly. Studies show that PLA bioplastics produce 60% less greenhouse gas emissions. PLA plastic performs as well as conventional plastic and has the same transparent, heat resistant and durable properties. Our PLA products are also compostable according to EN 13432; In 90 days they decompose 90% and leave no toxic residues or inorganic substances. Instead, decomposition of oil-based plastics can take centuries, even millennia, and they do not decompose completely, but remain in the environment as plastic particles, or microplastics. Micro-plastics absorb toxins from the seas, are eaten by animals and humans, and can also release toxic substances that affect soil fertility. For this reason, it is important to replace fossil plastics with durable bioplastics.

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